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"This program offers support that many do not have from other people in their lives and it has the ability to change someone else's life in a very positive way because of it. Jake has been a very positive influence in my life when I was at my lowest of lowest without ever judging me or my decisions, he is very understanding and shows he actually cares....Mentors like Jake are making a difference through programs like this and I feel that the Life Decisions mission should get all the support from other members of the community so that we can keep seeing a difference."

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"The layout of this program is exactly what our at-risk youth need and what our community is lacking. The program's structure provides wrap-around services, mentoring, transitional housing and job readiness, all of which are imperative when dealing with at-risk youth. 

Jake's prior work with Juvenile Justice Ministries (JJM) speaks for itself. While working with JJM over the past several years, Jake has touched the lives of many minors that have been placed on Juvenile probation with our department. There have been several minors with lengthy criminal records that began making positive changes in their lives once they began working with Jake and I have the utmost confidence that this program will produce much of the same." 

John Papiernik

Juvenile Probation Supervisor

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Transformation doesn't happen overnight. We walk with youth through every step of their faith journey, providing ongoing support and resources for young people that begins while they are in lock-up, continues as they return to their communities, and follows through as they become self-sufficient, productive members of their communities.

Since Straight Ahead was founded in 1987, our staff, volunteers, and ministry partners have served over 75,000 young people in 40states, 35 countries, and 7 languages. Our intensive models of engagement and leadership development include programs that offer faith and character development, job readiness training and placement, educational support and service opportunities.

Scott Larson 

President & Founder


“I know of no one more gifted, passionate, and prepared to lead the life changing ministry of Life Decisions than Jake Rogers. He has a resume of significant work with kids and all the necessary accreditations to handle the challenges. With only 20 per cent of American households consisting of married couples with children, sociologists are calling the fall out, at-risk kids, a societal epidemic. Fatherlessness is fanning the flame of this devastating virus. Over and over data has demonstrated that caring, supportive adults, or a village, is what at-risk kids need to make a 180 turn, to change the trajectory of their lives, and begin to flourish. Short-term residential homes play an import supportive role until young people are working, healed, and ready to tackle life’s adventure. Carefully read this vision book and see if your heart is being tapped to be a part of it. Some would call it a loving, caring, redemptive community.”

Dr. Bob Griffin

President Renewal Ministries

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"I sensed, in working with Jake - that God was helping him envision an even more extensive work that was going to reach beyond what we were experiencing. That was why I'm so thrilled to see the beginning of Life Decisions. That is the very opportunity that I believe God has been preparing Jake for. Jake's lead- and the whole person focus of Life Decisions, will have a profound life-changing influence upon engaged at-risk Lives."

Dave Ahrens

(Former Youth Programming Coordinator - Rockford Reachout Jail Ministry)

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"I have known and worked with Jake for numerous years, and he has demonstrated an unwavering commitment in pursuing vulnerable youth. His passion for such youth is magnified through his vision, creativity, and fruitful relationships. Jake is committed to stewarding all resources in the most efficient manner. He even recently made a visit to Colorado to learn best practices from a unique operation called the Dale House. Jake has also exhibited a humility in an effort to grow as a leader and has an eager desire to follow after Christ. It’s undeniably clear that Jake has a calling to serve youth in need. We at Youth for Christ are excited to partner with him. Jake’s future, as well as Life Decisions, is incredibly bright."

Haddon Anderson,

Executive Director, Stateline Youth for Christ