Building a tribe of mentors; bringing restoration to Rockford



Imagine a Rockford, where every person is seen, known, and valued.  At-risk youth no longer run our streets.  They have mentors in their life who know them well, care for them, teach, help, and motivate, them to reach their God-given potential. 

Imagine a world where none of us feels alone, overlooked, or undervalued. Everyone has a mentor, several mentors, in their life.  They know us well, are always there for us, care about us, teach, help, and motivate us to reach our God-given potential. We trust them. They inspire us. We then go out, and we learn to develop mentoring relationships too.  

Imagine a city where barriers are being broken down and those pillars that once separated the city are now holding the bridge to lasting change. Relationships that are no longer separated by things like age, race, gender, socioeconomic status, politics, or religious practices but unified with a common goal to build a tribe of mentors becomes a community of life-on-life relationships, bringing restoration to Rockford.  


"At Life Decisions, I have a chance to insert my heart into what I do. I know what broken and desperate kids are feeling and thinking. So many kids don’t have a supportive, caring father-figure to help them, someone they can talk to, someone who understands them. That’s what I want to be for them; yes, like a father; only, not a father; but, a mentor; like, Jake is to me."

Jadarius - Founding Mentee



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