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We are committed to helping kids get back on track, stay out of trouble, and reach healthy adulthood.


Our mission is to build a Tribe of Mentors, by investing in the lives of overlooked and undervalued youth, ages 15-23, by equipping people and creating opportunities for relational mentoring. 

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Our vision is for a Tribe of Mentors to grow into a community of life-on-life

relationships - together - bringing restoration to Rockford.


The goal of transformational change is something no program or policy could ever guarantee.  Transformation occurs in relationships, and ultimately, the final result goes beyond our control, but this is not to minimize our responsibility.  Our responsibility goes far beyond that of planting, or merely, scattering seeds.  We are responsible for the groundwork.  The work of cultivating the ground is hard and laborsome.  Watering and fertilizing is critical.  It’s a long, slow process that requires a commitment and patience, from us, daily.


The key to success will not be because of programs or Life Decisions as an organization, but through the relationships built. The 6 Pillars of Life Decisions are holistic, addressing the most critical areas for at-risk youth.  Without the necessary support in every one of these areas, justice-involved youth frequently receive “chances” that keep setting them up for failure.


At the heart of everything we do is relationships.  We’re building a tribe of mentors, leading and serving one another in relationship. We define relational mentoring as authentic, life-on-life, relationships where each of us comes together to learn, and each of us comes to give.


Is where both show up to give & both show up to learn; where life & leadership skills intersect. With the support of a primary mentor and peer leaders, youth work towards:

  • Personal, Professional, & Educational Goals

  • Job-Readiness Training

  • Leadership & Service Opportunities

Youth commit to making challenging changes: 

  • Breaking ties with gangs 

  • Stop using drugs 

  • Education, & Work Ethic 


Likewise, mentors make a commitment to youth. They will remain consistent and supportive through these life developments.

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